15 Fast Facts
for $30k by 9/30

We don't need much, but we do need you.

                    The Bard-ometer as of 9/12

                    The Bard-ometer as of 9/12

Our artists are sharing their favorite #15FastFacts about New York Classical throughout the 30 days of September to show you just how much every dollar of your donation really matters.  Your generous gift, made right now, will help us finish our 18th season with a balanced budget and ensure we can continue to present all-FREE theatre.

Help us reach our $30,000 goal by September 30th! 

Here at New York Classical Theatre, we're in the business of making the impossible possible. From parachuting actors from an airplane (Misalliance), staging all out war on Governor's Island (Henry V) & making statues come alive (The Winter's Tale), we've brought you the magic of theatre for 18 years to New York's backyard for FREE. 

Now we need you.