What We Do

New York Classical Theatre's all-free productions pop up in nontraditional, public venues throughout the five boroughs. Our productions are dynamic and interactive, inviting the audience to engage with the story at hand.

Our hallmark is Panoramic Theatre, a style created by Founder & Artistic Director, Stephen Burdman, to build a unique relationship between the actor, audience, and venue. Scripts are adapted to fully embrace each performance space and, with the influence of 19th century staging and single camera cinema techniques, the audience is placed at the center of the action of the play, giving them access to a deeply immersive theatrical experience.


Every summer since 2000, New York Classical Theatre has popped up in city parks including Central Park, The Battery (Battery Park), Prospect Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Governors Island.

Our outdoor productions in expansive public locations push Panoramic Theatre even further. At each performance, the audience follows the actors from place to place as the plot unfolds from scene to scene, following the journey of the characters. Using different areas to stage specific scenes opens up endless creative possibilities for performers and our audience. By utilizing large physical environments as our playing arenas, audiences literally inhabit the world of the play and become active participants in the drama unfolding around them.

Attendance to open rehearsals and all performances is free to the public. There are no tickets. Please see Planning Your Visit for tips on attending an outdoor roving production.